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Castles In Carmarthenshire

Kidwelly Castle

9 miles West of Llanelli, off A484 Built by Roger, Bishop of Salisbury, one of Henry I's ministers, it was one of a line of castles built along the coastal road and was begun in the early 12th century, rebuilt by Patrick de Chaworth in the 1250's. In 1299 Kidwelly became Crown property, passing to the Earls of Cawdor to whom its still belongs.  Repairs and careful strengthening have made it the best preserved castle in Carmarthenshire The interior with many small rooms in the walls and towers shows the medieval domestic arrangements and the chapel is well preserved.  more information

Laugharne Castle

14 miles South-West of Carmarthen on A4066 Built in the 12th century and constantly changed ownership. Taken by Welsh princes on three occasions during the 13th century, the first well-established ownership was that of Sir Guy de Brian in the early 14th century. In Tudor times it passed to Sir John Perrott, who built a mansion on the site. The foundations of his hall can be found in the courtyard. As a Civil War Royalist stronghold, it was besieged by the Roundheads. more information

Llansteffan Castle

8 miles South-West of Carmarthen, off B4312 Sited high on a bluff overlooking the Towy estuary, the invading Normans were quick to recognise the potential of this ready made site. In the 12th century the earthworks were faced with stone but it was attacked and taken by Welsh forces in 1257. English owners, the de Camville family, made improvements In the Tudor period the gatehouse was converted  into a comfortable residence. After this it deteriorated,  and in 1959 the care of the castle passed to the Government and careful restoration has been carried out since. more information
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